Portus Digital are committed to doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of buying new technology for home or office. Portus Digital is part of a group that has been trading in electronics since 1993. We’ve seen the incredible development and growth of the tech sector and done our best to keep up. Now we recognise that there is more to be done to protect the future of our planet – we don’t want to hinder sales or the growth of the sector instead we plan to positively influence our customers to seek the greener option.

Choose your tech products based on their environment rating
Send your packing back to us free of charge and we’ll recycle it for you 
Send your old tech back to us to be data wiped and donated to charity or recycled
Select an e-courier to deliver your products in a carbon neutral vehicle

We’ve incorporated greener processes & committed to recycling all surplus packaging & all your old tech when you purchase through us. We may not be able to control the materials, supply chain & production of the brilliant brands that we work with, but we support their efforts in meeting EPEAT standards & improving their environmental policies.


Bioteknik are our preferred IT Recycling & Data Destruction Experts. With over 20 years experience Bioteknik strictly adhere to current & forthcoming UK waste legislation & guarantee 100% environmentally friendly recycling, they don't use landfil & everything is recycled. 


We went a step further and have built our own range of All in One or Integrated Computer. It is modular in it’s build so the key component (the processor) is replaceable. This means when your computer starts to slow – you can simply replace that part – rather than scrapping the whole unit. We estimate that this will extend the items life by 50%.

As the computer doesn't have a base tower and everything is built into the screen it reduces down the plastic components use in the build - making it more environmentally friendly and space saving too. We are also working with developers and designers to build new PREMIUM tech from recycled materials. 


Each month we pledge to donate money to Carbon Footprint who fund tree planting projects and other environmental protection initiatives in the UK and abroad. 

Together with our suppliers we use UPS's carbon neutral shipping option, which supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport. UPS supports projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, waste water treatment, & methane destruction.