£1,040.83 (ex. VAT)
  • 144Hz refresh rate screen for greater detail and a smoother visual experience
  • Our Desktop CPUs perform up to 40% better than Laptop CPUs often specified by other companies
  • Free Returns
  • Free E-Recycling 
  • UK Support
  • 3 Year Warranty

Portus Digital

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Portus 27-Series:


  • 27" 144Hz High Definition 1920*1080 Screen
  • Intel Core i7-10700F 3.00Ghz (4.70Ghz Boost) Processor
  • 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM
  • 512GB Solid State Drive
  • 2TB Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA GTX105Ti Graphics Card
  • Built-in Pop Up Webcam
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Windows 11 Compatible)
  • 3 Year Warranty*
  • Portus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Assembled in the UK

The time is up on Tower PCs. All-In-Ones are the future today!

The Portus 27-Series All-In-One PC saves space and looks great. Gone are the days of using bulky towers and messy cables. All our AIO PCs operate with just one cable for power and the rest is done wirelessly with our Portus Keyboard and Mouse included with the product. Every machine is assembled by a team of experts in the UK meaning you can trust your products security and quality.

No compromise on power and speed!

We only use true Desktop versions of Intel processors unlike other manufactures who often use Laptop versions which are cheaper and slower. Performance can be as high as 40% greater with Desktop chips versus Laptop specs.

To help you store and access your files at lightning speed we use a state-of-the-art Solid-State Drive to boot Windows and a traditional Hard Drive to store those larger files (where applicable). This means that you can be up and running within 30-seconds of turning your AIO on.

Sleek, stylish design

The Portus 27-Series features a 144Hz Full HD display, displaying vivid colours and visuals. The super-fast refresh rate means greater detail and a smooth visual experience. Coupled with slim bevels on the frame, it adds up to a great experience in use.

Windows 10 & Upgradeability

We pride ourselves in being a sustainable company and limiting the amount of tech-waste that ends up damaging the environment. To make our AIOs last longer, we made sure that our AIOs could be easily upgraded with new CPUs, extra RAM and storage. Through extensive testing, we are happy to say that our products are compatible with Windows 11, which Microsoft intend to release soon.


Our AIO PCs are durable and tough performers. We offer 2-years standard limited warranty and an extra 1-year completely free when you register your device on our website. In the unlikely event of your AIO developing an issue, our friendly support team are on hand to resolve it for you. If the computer needs to come back under warranty for a replacement or repair, we cover the costs for return shipment.


  • 61.8cm W
  • 46.5cm H
  • 6cm D

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